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The Dumpster Project: Creating One of the Most Sustainable Tiny Homes

Jeff Wilson, an environmental professor at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas, has been living in a dumpster on campus for the past four months. The 33-sq-ft space, only 1% the size of the average American home, is in the first phase of a project to test the possibilities of sustainable and “tiny” living. Currently outfitted to match the poor energy performance of a typical American house, it will soon be retrofitted with all sustainable features, including solar panels and a “cutting-edge eco toilet.” The project is currently seeking additional funding through Kickstarter

The oddity of the dumpster house has drawn in an audience that otherwise probably would not be talking about sustainable design. He was featured on a recent episode of a conservative radio show, for instance. Though the hosts opened the show by framing Wilson as “a hipster who’s had too many PBRs,” they ended up expressing support for the project.

“How many times do you get a conservative talk show saying they love a project that has undercurrents of sustainability?” Wilson asks. “They wouldn’t have even called me if I wasn’t living in a dumpster.” Read More>

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